First Love Coffee is the child of Melbourne's very own Rustica Bakery/Cafe. At Rustica we’ve always had a real passion for speciality coffee and wanted our own influence in creating a blend and brand. We want you to be taken back in time to relive the first time you fell in love with speciality coffee.

Our head baristas worked closely with the team at Your Coffee to develop our first batches of quality coffee. After a lot of work and development we now have a dedicated, knowledgeable team roasting and delivering weekly. With sustainability and collaboration in mind we have recently started roasting at shared roast space: Criteria Coffee. We're looking forward to roasting more exciting and exotic coffees.

Fair trade and ethical farming practices are very important to us. We're passionate about sustainable farming, sourcing green beans from farmers and co-operatives whose mission it is to strengthen standards, sustainability and systems for the benefit of people and the environment.